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Learning to read is the pinnacle of education.

In today’s world, almost anything is possible as long as you can read.

But reading is more than simply sounding out words.


Falling in love with great books is one of our primary goals for our homeschooled kids, right?

Homeschool books, reading, literature and more

Exposing our kids to books that excite their imagination, grow their horizons, and expand their vocabulary is one of the foundational building blocks of a strong education.

Consider the brilliant minds of a few centuries ago.

What they lacked in opportunity and technology, didn’t hold them back from their education. Marinated in excellent literature and raised in a culture of entertainment in the form of reading aloud, these minds far excelled many of our own generation.

The good news is that we too can marinate our own kids’ minds. Read aloud often. It is the single best gift you can give your children after taking care of their basic needs.

Included in this bundle:

  • The Great Brain Book 1: Literature pack
  • More Adventures of the Great Brain Literature pack
  • Call it Courage: Literature Pack
  • Redwall: Literature Pack
  • Magic Tree House Books 1-2: Literature Pack
  • The Capture: Literature Pack
  • Kenny and the Dragon
  • Books for Boys
  • Parenting with books
  • How to Use the parenting books you already own


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