Keepsakes: Kid Projects Worth Sharing and Storing Forever ABW008


Alas, Not every piece of paper your kids touched will be shared, “pinned”, or stored forever in a keepsake box. And that’s ok.

But these projects?

These are different.

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We can’t resist kid created cuteness.

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We love everything our kids create, at least for a second. But at some point, we have to draw the line. We simply can’t save everything our kids make.

In this bundle, you will receive my best keepsake worthy kid projects.

They’re not just cute, they are easy to complete and worthy of that coveted space in your storage bin. Plus they make great gifts.


  • Letters to Self: These are time capsule letters that your kids write to their future selves. Priceless!
  • Mother’s Day Craft: keepsake booklet
  • Winter writing prompts and keepsake booklet
  • Father’s Day Craft
  • Father’s Day: keepsake booklet
  • Paper Bead Jewelry making and fine motor development
  • Complete Apple Unit: Crafts, Food, and activities
  • Disguise a Turkey and keepsake booklet
  • Make it Memorable {Printable for parents}

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