22 Simple Manners Every Kids Should Know By High School


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While many still say the quick please and thank you’s, etiquette gets lost in the shuffle of this world.

  • Have a question? Shoot a text.
  • Eating dinner with a friend? Don’t even excuse yourself when you answer your phone at the table.
  • See someone doing the dishes? Keep right on walking by. They would have asked for help if they needed it, right?

22 Manners for Kids are presented in Easy Quick Reference form.

  1. Choose a manner
  2. Focus on role play and train your child
  3. Remind them before guests, or visiting about particular manners they may have a chance to exercise.


  • Greeting by name
  • Forgetting someone’s name
  • Eye contact
  • Hello +
  • Beyond Thank You
  • …Wait
  • Stop and Look
  • Fingerprints
  • Gentle hands
  • Plates
  • House rules
  • No Thank You Bite
  • Can I Help
  • Elbows and Napkins
  • Please pass the _____
  • Excuse me
  • Thank You
  • Plus one more
  • Thanks for coming
  • Pause before typing
  • People first
  • on the table

Download, Cut, and Laminate for Longer Use

Practice at home or on the go.




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