20 Thanksgiving Themed Math and Reading Activities

I just uploaded my latest learning pack, just in time to help you celebrate 
Thanksgiving with your kids.


I made this one with a 3rd grade focus, but many of the activities are great from k-4.

Click on the image to go to my store to preview the pack! 

 Here is the list of fun activities included:

Addition: “Owl” Show you my facts!
Multiplication: “Owl” Show you my facts!
Math: Round to the nearest 10
Math: Round to the nearest 100
Math: Round to the nearest 1,000
Addition: Color by SUM
Math: Who, who, who is first? (ordinal number practice- 2 pages)
Math: A-Mazing Turkey
Math Game: What’s the Number?
Math: EASY-Color by Number- Number Recognition
Math: Medium-Color by Number Multiples of 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6, 10

Game: Thanksgiving BINGO (4 game boards, 7 pages game pieces)
Reading for Facts! It’s all about the turkey!
Reading: Color by Sight words
Writing: Thanksgiving Acrostic
Nouns: Thanksgiving Nouns
Verbs: Thanksgiving Verbs
Adjectives: Thanksgiving Adjectives

Science: Life Cycle of a Pumpkin (2 pages: booklet and labels)
Science: Life Cycle of a Thanksgiving Turkey

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Creativity and Boredom

--> My dad always said creativity and imagination lived just on the other side of boredom. I watch this truth play out not only in my own life, but the lives of my children as well. I have 5 very talented and creative boys. Yes, I am biased, but I am telling you it's true.
My boys are Lego architects, writers, painters, musicians, and simply a whole bunch of fun to be around. Before I sound too much like a snotty prideful mom, I want to repeat what my dad always told me:

Creativity and Imagination live just on the other side of boredom.”

Here is the secret to growing amazingly creative and imaginative kids... 
...Let them be bored!  

Allow your kids to get bored. I mean really bored. 
  • Do not rescue them (unless there's blood).
  • Do not turn on the TV and absolutely ban "all things electronic.
  • Tell them all you have is an endless list of chores for them to complete if they come to you for suggestions.
  • If the weather permits, send 'em outside and tell them they cannot come in until the timer dings. At least an hour!
  • Sit back and wait...
 Depending on how over-stimulated and over scheduled your kids are, there will likely be a delay between their first boredom appointment and the flow of creativity. It could be a few minutes, or a few days.
Trust me it is worth the wait!
Plan for periods of boredom regularly. Daily is best. Summer is meant for this type of schedule- embrace it.
You may think I am crazy, but I am quite sane. Its the bored kids who create the "new games". Its the bored kids who create awesome forts. Its the bored kids who write creative stories. Its the bored kids who think painting a fence is fun. Its the bored kids who weave complicated characters and events into their make-believe playtime. Its the bored kids who change the world.
Now, if you just cannot handle the thought of allowing your children to become really bored, or if the thought of the possibly whining makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck: cheat.

  • Go to the local thrift stores and let them buy some new dress-up clothes.
  • Pick up a few (or a few dozen) empty cardboard boxes.
  • Buy an assortment of PVC piping and let them create.
  • Find a spell-binding book to read aloud at breakfast or lunch. Be sure to stop reading at an exciting part! This is a great time to send them off. My kids end up personifying literary characters often!
  • Buy some spiral bound notebooks and "special pens" to help them write a creative story (Tell them you will not correct spelling and grammar... just let them write).
  • Invite a “cool big kid” over to play.
As homeschoolers we can over schedule our children's lives to the point of physical and mental exhaustion. Slow down. Let the lull of summer on the horizon remind us that it is more than OK to slow down. We need to allow our children to come to the end of their schedules in order to provide time and opportunity for creativity.

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Homeschool Kids Smell An Unplanned Day A Mile Away: How to Plan Your Homeschool Week

Homeschool kids smell a day without a 'purpose and plan' like wild animals smell fear.

Normally this is not an issue. I take the time to sit and think through what we are doing in our homeschool day about 4-6 weeks at a time. I have perfect calendar that I print off for each of the boys so they know that "mom has a plan for today, so I better get busy."

I am a little stressed right now because my current calendar/plan runs out in less than 36 hours. The fact that I am not ready for the next step is like a ticking time bomb.

Come Monday morning, if I do not have a clear plan of attack for the day and week my boys will eat me alive.

They KNOW when I do not have a plan.
The run, they hide, they break out the Legos right after breakfast and look up at me with dirty faces and bed-heads and are shocked and even aghast that we have learning to do.

If I do not have a plan, they will forget how to get up, make their beds, add and subtract, multiply and divide, and write legibly.

Sometimes I think it is a conspiracy. "Psst-Maybe if we pretend to forget how to do school mom will let us play all day and live in our pajamas."

Can you relate?
If kids do not see that we are well prepared for our day, week, or topic they do not buy in to whatever learning experience we set before them. They see us grab our teacher's manual and then say, "OK, let's get going. We have a lot of school to do today." They see us begin reading the lesson and make that certain face that says, "what am I supposed to do?"and slip out from under our radar.

When we, the teachers, finally grasp the core of today's lessons they have snuck away from the school area and are resentful that we try to lasso them back to school.

If I am honest with myself, I would resent attending a class where the teacher wasn't prepared. I took the time to come to school, surely she could have prepared in advance to teach me.

Our kids are no different. They need to see that we have invested in their education by taking the time to become familiar and excited with the learning material before we declare it is time for school.

Kids smell a day without a plan and begin wiggling to get out immediately.

What can we do:
  • Plan school for 2-6 weeks at a time.
  • Become extremely familiar with the material before we try to present it to our kids. (remember the teacher from Ferris Beuller? Help us not be like him!)
  • Schedule lessons out for 2-6 weeks in advance. 
  • Write them in pencil, so that when life happens you simply erase and begin again the next day.
  • Never try to teach the school week without a plan. Even if you take a rabbit trail because your kids show a sudden interest in penguins, you will be much better prepared.
  • As homeschoolers include a dinner plan/menu into your school day.
  • Be excited about what you are learning together.
How do I plan?
Calendar! Time Management: Student Planner and Weekly CalendarI have 4-5 weeks of student calendars printed and ready to go, labelled with their names and dates.
I teach 5 core subjects: Bible, Math, English, History, and Science
  • I schedule math in first. It usually is just the next number lesson. I include activities like flash cards, videos, and games in my calendars. If I do not schedule flashcards, the kids do not do flash cards.
  • Next I schedule those easy tasks, like handwriting, phonics workbook pages, and spelling. These are similar to math in that they tend to simply be "the next page#'s".
  • In our home we learn memory verses, so I fill in the verses the kids are working on that week.
  • History is my core, my golden thread. I try to incorporate English and Science activities that go along with what we are learning in history. I have to skim the readings, pull vocabulary and scour for student activities that will work with my boys. This year I am using Story of the World and they have a great Activity Book from which I pull reading comprehension, map, art, and cooking activities. And then of course, there is Pinterest. I have Homeschool boards for every subject and I scour for activities for my boys and pin them often. 
  • Science is my weakest subject as a teacher. I am not entirely sure why, but even superman had a weakness. Science is mine. This year I am trying to integrate our science with what we are learning about in history. For me that means that I am looking for and creating learning activities for the boys.
  • I plan English last. This year I am teaching from Shurley English and LOVE it. It is very well planned, so in all honesty it is another, "just do the next lesson" curriculum. I glance through the lessons as I am planning and try to spot potential issues. For instance, my boys need two days for the writing assignments, sometimes two so I take that into account.
  • Lastly, I double check my pencil calendars against the master calendar looking for conflicts. Are we home all of the days I planned to teach school? Are there any obvious monkey-wrench days (days that are destined to fail before they begin). I make adjustments whenever necessary.

While every homeschool family has different goals and ambitions, talents and abilities, we all sacrifice something to homeschool.
My husband and I personally sacrifice time. Lots of time.
It is not easy homeschooling a troop of boys of various ages, grades, interests and learning styles. After 15 years I have learned that the key to success is being prepared before the day begins.

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Medieval Science: Sundials, Candles Clocks, and Water Clocks


I have been disappointed with our science curriculum this year. We are studying Medieval History together and I really wanted to integrate our science as well. I found a great little picture book with medieval science, inventions, and discoveries but it was lacking with hands-on activities.

What's a girl to do?

Well, I decided to make my own activity pack.
This 9 page pack has a reading and reading comprehension activity, copy work pages that match each of my kids handwriting levels, and 3 hands on projects. The boys doesn't know it yet, but we will be making a sundial, a candle clock, and a water clock.

I am super excited!
 I will add in pictures as we do the activities.
Happy Learning.

Army Men, Competing, and Inventing: A Great Morning

Our morning began like this:

This cute little guy found an old army parachute guy amongst the toy collection in our home.

This one discovery turned into an all morning endeavour and had my husband and I enjoying the simplicity of childhood.

Hubby taught this guy how to throw the army man, and then the fun truly began.  Enjoy the photo journey!

Hold him kinda like a baseball .

                                     Chuck him high in the air .

Watch his chute deploy!

Bigger brother tried to outdo him, by digging into the toys and finding the "Super G.I. Joe" with Parachute.

Here is his explanation for how you throw the army man.

This guy looked around and discovered there were no more army men with parachutes, so he made one!

One grocery bag with the handles cut off

Gut a length of paracord, and pull out the 7 fibers (strings).
Find small pebbles...

Using the pebbles wrapped in the bag, tie the cords onto the bag. (Apparently the pebbles help the bag not rip! Great tip hubby!)

                                                           Will it work?

Fly, Bionicle, fly!!!


This was such a fun morning. There is something about watching your kids delight in simple childhood pleasures that truly delight the soul!

Of course, Hubby had to show us video. An 80 year old woman has a major parachute malfunction and lives to tell the tale.

Have fun with your kids today!

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Mosaic Craft: Learning about the Byzantine Emprire and Mosaics

Did you know that you can make beautiful crafts with painted eggs shells?

My boys and I are studying the Middle Ages right now.
We were fascinated with the incredible mosaic displays of the Byzantine Empire. Talk about patient artists!

We did some internet research, looked at incredible mosaic designs (like in the Hagai Sophia!)

http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Byzantine-Empire-Eastern-Roman-Empire-Mosaics-Craft-Reading-Activities-More-1475864So we decided to give this type of art a try.
We collected and painted eggs shells (using nail polish borrowed from a freinds with girls), then began creating our own terra cotta pot designs.

The kids loved this activity so much!

It is funny how easy it is to bypass the messy crafty things with our kids and to opt for the quick "read and discuss" strategy. Things like this take time. 
It took us two weekends to collect and wash enough eggshells for 3 boys, another few days to paint them (since we opted for nail polish it was stinky!), and then 3 sittings so far to work on the actual mosaics. 

We have had many discussions as the boys work about how incredible the ancient mosaics are and they are beginning to truly understand that they did not just "happen".

I created an activity packet to go along with our Story of the World study.
The inspiration for this packet and activity is from chapter 4, in case you too are reading Story of the World with your kiddos.You can get your copy by clicking on the image.

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Homeschooling and Beautiful Hair for Little Girls

What does a beautiful braid have to do with homeschool?

I was super excited to learn how to do this easy braid, but since I do not have daughters I wanted to share it with you!


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It is free and super easy!

PS- I am collecting beautiful hair styles for my future granddaughters. If you have links to any, please share in the comments below!

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One Of Those Days

As a Homeschooler, we can build unrealistic expectations about our kids and school.
We are home, loving on our kids all day so they should be perfect students right?

When you're done laughing, I'll continue...

I have 5 boys. Been homeschoolin' 15 years. I teach workshops, blog about homeschooling, and create learning packed for others to teach their kids. I never have bad days. My kids are perfect.

Today, was one of those days. We had just come out of a long weekend and on of the kids simply could not get his attitude together.

Every single activity and lesson took hours rather than minutes.
I am not proud of how frustrated I became.
The entire was a total struggle.

In the end, grumpy child overcame his attitude and completed his last lesson just as Daddy was walking in the door after work. It was a long day. We started at 8:30. Ended at 5:30. (Actually another child, our 11th grader is still working as I write this...)

I have been sitting here reflecting on the day.
Why was it so hard?
What could I have done differently to assist grumpy child so that negativity would not have claimed his sweet heart all day long?
Should I have called it a day early and then started over tomorrow?

Truth is, I do not know.

I am really cranking up the level of schoolwork the boys are completing this year.
We have exciting ground to cover together.

Since there are 3 kids doing the same lessons, I honestly cannot afford to skip a day just because someone does not feel like working. What about the kids who had a great attitude? They would be frustrated the next day while they wait for the other to catch up.

All i know is that today, I needed to win the battle.
 Child does not want to work... Tough cookies.
Work anyway.
Harsh? I don't think so.

After 15 years, I have learned to pick my battles. I could clearly see that today's bad attitude could not be rewarded with time off to play. While it was painful, making him press through until he was done was the right thing to do; hard, but right.

So, I know I am not the only Homeschooler that has "hard days".
How do you handle days when your kids are off balance and grumpy, grumpy, grumpy?

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Problem resolved?

In my "spare time" I write articles that are meant to encourage you or inspire myself to continue along this homeschooling journey here on my blog.

The last few days, the last two articles I posted keep resenting to my readers via email. Drat!
I think I fixed the problem!
Don't give up on me. It just looks like this blog decided to resend the insider emails on its own.

Thanks for understanding that I am human and make mistakes! My heart is to encourage and equip you in your journey of homeschooling your kiddos. Thanks for simply deleting any duplicate emails you get from me.

Have a wonderful day!

-How did your day begin?
Mine began with this error and two kids rolling out of bed to start school at 6:00!!

How do you deal with kids that are ready to go long before you are?
Right now I man thankful that they have their planners. They can work in independent work quietly...
I need a cup of coffee:).