4 Fabulous Thanksgiving Day Activities

15 days of Thanksgiving Homeschooling ideas:
Day Seven : 4 Fabulous Thanksgiving Day Activities

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Thanksgiving is next week! AS you are busily menu planning, shopping, and decorating you might want to prepare a few fun activities for the family.
I know we will be preparing our second annual "Turkey Shoot" where we will be shooting balloons and turkey targets with bows and arrows and BB guns... Yes, I live happily with my husband and 5 boys.

Here is My Top 4 List of Simple and Fun Activities

Thankful Pie Spinner

{image by Parents Magazine} 
I love this idea. Trust me, even older kids will enjoy making a spinner wheel.

Thanksgiving game d wm
Turkey Feathers

You'll find the directions and the cute printable at by The Idea Room.

Thanksgiving Story Bracelets
All you need is a pipe-cleaner and a handful of beads and you can lead a wonderfully memorable story time for your kiddos while the turkey is baking.
My Monetessori Journey has a nice story printable and the directions for the beads.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt
Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt
Kids of all ages will love participating in your first annual scavenger hunt. I love this starter list by Family Fun. Have the kids brainstorm and add a few fun items to make it your own.

7 Thanksgiving Science Experiments

Kids love science experiments.
Me, not so much.

 I do not know what my problem with science activities is, but I tend to leave them for the end and then run out of time. Thanksgiving week is a perfect time to have a science experiment bonanza! Why not? Why only 7? That's all I can even think about tackling during a holiday week. I am hoping to get to at least 2:)

Drum roll once again...
My Top 7 List of "Kid Friendly and Mother Approved" Science Experiments.

Solid, Liquid Gas Balloons
I am thrilled to have found Ms. Liz's site and am anxious to do this one with my boys! What a fun way to demonstrate the properties of solids, liquids, and gases!

The Domino Effect

I have to admit, my boys need very little motivation to set up a fantastic domino display. I guess I never thought about the science behind this fun activity. Jameson's lab does a great job of helping us set our kids up for science and fun!

What's That Cloud?

I love this one! While I have always loved saying big-hard to pronounce words, like cumulonimbus, I never could keep the clouds straight. Smmart Ideas has a brilliant way to teach your kiddo's (and mine) how to identify the various types of clouds... Make a cloud categorize. Brilliant. Follow the link for the directions.

Make your own Electromagnet

I totally remember making one of these in the 3rd or 4th grade! I of course, could not remember how it was done, so I am so thankful for The Organized Classroom Blog for coming to my rescue. Follow the link for step by step instructions. Be sure to use the cute mini book! 

Make Music with Water
make music with water

This one from Prekinders speaks for itself. What does it say? Fun!

Are Mittens Warm?

This one is more up my alley because it has a literature connection. I love Jan Brett's The Mitten. Get her book and read it to your kiddos, then do the simple and fun activity that Classroom Freebies put together for us!

Mad Scientist Potions

Thanksgiving Writing Prompts: Yes, Writing!

 Thanksgiving Writing Prompts for Homeschoolers.While we do break free from our regular homeschooling routine during the holidays, it is important to continue writing:).

Grab your free Notebooking Templates and have your child choose one of the Thanksgiving Writing Prompts Below


     Grab your pencil and put on your thinking cap!
    • On Thanksgiving, my family likes to...

    • If I had been a Pilgrim child on the very first Thanksgiving, I would have...

    • My favorite Thanksgiving memory is...

    • What I like/dislike about Thanksgiving is...

    • I think a turkey would/wouldn't make a good pet because...

    • If I had been a Pilgrim travelling to America on the Mayflower, I would have taken along...

    • On Thanksgiving, it's traditional for my family to...

    • The Pilgrims' feast on the first Thanksgiving included...

    • The best thing the Indians did to help the Pilgrims was...

    • I am thankful for my family because...

    • When I think of Thanksgiving, I think about...

    • To make a great Thanksgiving turkey, you...

    • The first Thanksgiving I can remember was...

    • As I walked up to the table to share Thanksgiving with my family,...

    • My favorite part about Thanksgiving is...

    • To me, Thanksgiving symbolizes...

    • My perfect Thanksgiving meal would include...

    • Thanksgiving at Grandma's house is...

    • Being thankful means...

    • I think brown and orange are Thanksgiving colors because...

    • The first Thanksgiving and today's Thanksgiving are very similar/different because...
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21 Thanksgiving Math Activities for Little Ones

 I am super excited about this next activity pack!

21 Thanksgiving Math Activities for you pre-K- First graders.

While I wrote it with Kindergarteners in mind, it would be fun for your little ones:).

This activity pack is loaded with fun coloring and math activities for your little ones. I loved holiday and themed pages because it seems even my older kids want to use them. It must be the "holiday buzz"!

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 Thanksgiving Math, Reading, Science Activities for 3rd Grade
 30 Thanksgiving Activities, Crafts, and Games for K-2nd Grade
 21 Thanksgiving Math Activities for Kindergarten
 4 Thanksgiving Jokes Solved with Divisibility
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11 ThanksgivingActivities for Toddlers and Preschoolers!

15 days of Thanksgiving Homeschooling ideas:

11 Thanksgiving Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers!

I love Thanksgiving. The decorating, the preparation, the cooking, the whole kit and caboodle. Everyone has their own expectations for this fun day, even the little people in your life. Here are some fun ideas to make the day special for your toddlers and preschoolers, that do not take too much of your time to throw together. Have Fun!
Turkey Feather Hunt

Parenting knows what my younger kids love to do: Parade around declaring they are the winners to whatever game is being played. (current character lesson: humility). This one is a simple, yet fun idea. Collect some feathers at the craft store and have the "turkey" hide them inside or outside... Then let the hunt begin!

Make their own Turkey Cups


This one is a two-for. Kids love creating their own special cup, and parents do not have to go through three times the amount of disposable cups!

Fruit Gobbler
Fruit Gobbler (Turkey) Centerpiece. Photo by ShaGun

Food.com suggests a cute craft/snack. Make eating a healthy snack fun while waiting for the turkey!

Make a Thankful Tree

I love this one from Artful Homemaking! Gather some twigs, place in a solid container and supply the kids with leaf shaped coloring pages. They color, write what they are thankful for and then decorate their tree. Fun!

Mayflower Hand print: Too Cute!

Preschool Crafts for Kids is loaded with cute (and easy) ideas for your little people!

Become a Native American
Paper Bag Native American Vest Craft 

Kids love to dress up. Although I know how to do this craft in my sleep, I gathered this link at Free Crafts for Kids. 
A few paper bags, some construction paper, scissors and glue and viola! Kids are busy and happy for at least 30 seconds:).
***Warning*** I have 5 boys. When they dress up as Native Americans they also "become" Native Americans. They forget the history lessons about how wonderful and peaceful these people were and become savages on a mission. In my house, they dress up and then go outside:).

Thanksgiving Movie Festival

Build an indoor Fort  

Pop a Turkey:)
paper bag popcorn turkey

Pop some popcorn and create your own Popcorn Turkey! Isn't this cute?
One Charming Party has the directions for this fabulous bird!

ThanksgivingButton Kids Thanksgiving Movies
Pam at Over the Moon has put together a short list of kid friendly Thanksgiving movies.

Pool Noodle Toss!

Bubble Break! 

All kids love chasing bubbles. If the weather permits, make a few fun bubble wands, some super duper bubble solution and head outside!

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 30 Thanksgiving Activities, Crafts, and Games for K-2nd Grade
 21 Thanksgiving Math Activities for Kindergarten
 4 Thanksgiving Jokes Solved with Divisibility
 Fall Math and Literacy Super Bundle- Grades K-2

77 Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Just in time for Thanksgiving!

6 Thanksgiving Activities

6 Thanksgiving Activities Freebie

Click on the image to get your free copy. 
(Teachers pay teachers is a free to join website, and an excellent place to find parent and teacher created resources!)

Kids love the holidays! They feed off the energy and excitement that surrounds them. Even kids that may not usually enjoy coloring, may find inspiration from a holiday themed coloring activity.
Here are links to loads and loads of coloring pages!!Add them to your toolbelt.

Single Page Activities

Thanksgiving Turkey Decoration

Letting Teens Go Too Soon= Disaster

By the time our kids reach high school, we can bend to the pressure to “let them go” and “cut the cords”. 

Teenagers need the help, guidance, and strength of their parents even more than toddlers do at times. The transition from middle schooler to adulthood is like running a medieval gauntlet.

While some kids skate through their adolescence unscathed, many need extra care and attention. Unfortunately we do not get to pick and and choose which kids need extra help, and which ones do not. As parents we need to “go the distance” with each and every child and teen. Our job does not slow down when our kids hit high school, actually this is when the real “fun” begins.

Truth’s About Parenting and Teaching Teens
  1. This is not the time to loosen the reigns. Honestly, adolescence is the time when kids really buck against authority, but should not be the time we let go. With the crazy flooding of hormones, teen brains can really struggle with rational thought and emotion. They need us desperately.
  2. Letting them make their own mistakes in their own educational journey should not mean we “Let Them Utterly Fail”. While we cannot complete their homework assignments for them, we need to stay on top of our teens. Some students flourish during this time and become “Captain of their Own Destinies”- even conquering the world. But, many students put on a realistic smoke screen that implies that they have the world by the tail, but are drowning in the amount of responsibility and work required in their life. By the time parents become aware of the fact that their students are struggling, they are facing a mountain of makeup work. Not fun on any continent.
What does this mean?
  • We stay on top of our kids. Continue to monitor their eating and sleeping habits. Maintain (or regain) parental control over things like tv and screen time so that we help them learn to manage these time-vacuum activities. While each family establishes what is acceptable to them, parents should be in control. Many teens need us to be firm over these things so they can safely flourish. Not doing acceptably in school should dictate less “fun time” with technology, social media, and texting. 
  • Be willing to go the distance WITH our kids. They are struggling in math? Either tutor them or find them one. Sit at the table while they finish their assignments. Model what it looks like to be confused, but to press through confusion to comprehension. There are adults who are willing to sit and mentor/coach not only our kids, but us parents as well. If you do not understand an assignment, concept, or assignment reach out and find help. Even You tube can be a great resource!

Some kids will be easy to guide, others will be challenging, but all of our kids need us. They need to know that they are not stranded on a deserted island, abandoned to figure out how to create a flowchart demonstrating how to name a chemical formula from its scientific name, write an expository essay, or solve a quadratic equation alone. There is a whole team of adults, teachers, and mentors ready to help them, but first they need us. Do not be intimidated by the amount or subject of material they need to assimilate. Let them see you confused. Let them see you research solutions. Let them see you ask for help. Let them protest as you take them to a tutor.

 Just do not give up and let go.
 God gave us the responsibility to secure their parachutes, no matter how loudly they protest!

7 Finger and Hand-painting Thanksgiving Crafts

15 days of Thanksgiving Homeschooling ideas!
Free of course!

7 Finger and Hand-painting Thanksgiving Crafts is a post from Bekki @ A Better Way to Homeschool where we learn to train our children to become lifelong learners. If you have enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Bekki on YouTubeTwitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+!

20 Thanksgiving Math and Reading Activities

Day one: Give 'Em a Hand

So I have been looking for those Easy Crafts that Even Mom 
Will Keep forever:)

Here are my Top 7 Finger and Hand-painting Thanksgiving Crafts:

Pilgrims with Hand Prints!
 I found these two crafts
On Amanda's Site. Too cute! Actually, you really have to take a tour. She has some really creative ideas!

Cute Native Americans

That's right! Native Americans. My 3 Musketeers and I just finished studying all about these wonderful people.

Kid Made Napkin Holders
I found these on Crafts by Amanda. My youngest loves to help make the table look extra special. I think he will love these:)

Thankfulness Tree

This one is stunning. I will likely have my boys make greeting cards of this one!  Little Page Turners won me over with this one!
I am Thankful Cards
I love writing cards to people, don't you? With all the modern technology I find it refreshing to actually put a stamp on a card and brighten someones day. What a fun card making craft for little ones!
Cheryl Gaffney  did a beautiful job with these adorable cards!

 Keepsake Plates
thanksgiving plate craft Handprint Keepsake Thanksgiving Plate Craft
 The easy Handprint Keepsake instructions can be found here.

Thanksgiving potholders! 
How about You?
Do you have an easy and beautiful hand-print/fingerprint art project?
Share your link in the comments below!