15 Advent and Christmas Activities 
Math and Reading
3rd-5th Grade

Are You ready for Advent?

5 Advent readings for you to use in your weekly Christmas activities, or as your family advent devotionals.

 3 language activities using vocabulary from the history of Jesus' birth.

4 fun math activities  that are Jesus/Christmas focused.

I made this pack specifically for my fourth grader, but the older kids are already begging to do some of the activities. 
I have included an advent calendar and a Countdown to Christmas Chain.
We always write "prayer requests" and "thanksgiving to God" on our chains. Each day as we tear off a link, we thank god for a specific blessing or lift up family and friends in prayer. The kids love this!!

Hope you enjoy this activity pack!

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Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

 Thanksgiving Writing Prompts for Homeschoolers.While we do break free from our regular homeschooling routine during the holidays, it is important to continue writing:).

Grab your free Notebooking Templates and have your child choose one of the Thanksgiving Writing Prompts Below


     Grab your pencil and put on your thinking cap!
    • On Thanksgiving, my family likes to...

    • If I had been a Pilgrim child on the very first Thanksgiving, I would have...

    • My favorite Thanksgiving memory is...

    • What I like/dislike about Thanksgiving is...

    • I think a turkey would/wouldn't make a good pet because...

    • If I had been a Pilgrim travelling to America on the Mayflower, I would have taken along...

    • On Thanksgiving, it's traditional for my family to...

    • The Pilgrims' feast on the first Thanksgiving included...

    • The best thing the Indians did to help the Pilgrims was...

    • I am thankful for my family because...

    • When I think of Thanksgiving, I think about...

    • To make a great Thanksgiving turkey, you...

    • The first Thanksgiving I can remember was...

    • As I walked up to the table to share Thanksgiving with my family,...

    • My favorite part about Thanksgiving is...

    • To me, Thanksgiving symbolizes...

    • My perfect Thanksgiving meal would include...

    • Thanksgiving at Grandma's house is...

    • Being thankful means...

    • I think brown and orange are Thanksgiving colors because...

    • The first Thanksgiving and today's Thanksgiving are very similar/different because...
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Thanksgiving: 4 SImple and Fun Activities

It is Almost Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is soon AS you are busily menu planning, shopping, and decorating you might want to prepare a few fun activities for the family.
I know we will be preparing our second annual "Turkey Shoot" where we will be shooting balloons and turkey targets with bows and arrows and BB guns... Yes, I live happily with my husband and 5 boys.

Here is My Top 4 List of Simple and Fun Activities

Thankful Pie Spinner

{image by Parents Magazine} 
I love this idea. Trust me, even older kids will enjoy making a spinner wheel.

Thanksgiving game d wm
Turkey Feathers

You'll find the directions and the cute printable at by The Idea Room.

Thanksgiving Story Bracelets
All you need is a pipe-cleaner and a handful of beads and you can lead a wonderfully memorable story time for your kiddos while the turkey is baking.
My Monetessori Journey has a nice story printable and the directions for the beads.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt
Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt
Kids of all ages will love participating in your first annual scavenger hunt. I love this starter list by Family Fun. Have the kids brainstorm and add a few fun items to make it your own.

7 Thanksgiving Science Experiments

Kids love science experiments.
Me, not so much.

 I do not know what my problem with science activities is, but I tend to leave them for the end and then run out of time. Thanksgiving week is a perfect time to have a science experiment bonanza! Why not? Why only 7? That's all I can even think about tackling during a holiday week. I am hoping to get to at least 2:)

Drum roll once again...
My Top 7 List of "Kid Friendly and Mother Approved" Science Experiments.

Solid, Liquid Gas Balloons
I am thrilled to have found Ms. Liz's site and am anxious to do this one with my boys! What a fun way to demonstrate the properties of solids, liquids, and gases!

The Domino Effect

I have to admit, my boys need very little motivation to set up a fantastic domino display. I guess I never thought about the science behind this fun activity. Jameson's lab does a great job of helping us set our kids up for science and fun!

What's That Cloud?

I love this one! While I have always loved saying big-hard to pronounce words, like cumulonimbus, I never could keep the clouds straight. Smmart Ideas has a brilliant way to teach your kiddo's (and mine) how to identify the various types of clouds... Make a cloud categorize. Brilliant. Follow the link for the directions.

Make your own Electromagnet

I totally remember making one of these in the 3rd or 4th grade! I of course, could not remember how it was done, so I am so thankful for The Organized Classroom Blog for coming to my rescue. Follow the link for step by step instructions. Be sure to use the cute mini book! 

Make Music with Water
make music with water

This one from Prekinders speaks for itself. What does it say? Fun!

Are Mittens Warm?

This one is more up my alley because it has a literature connection. I love Jan Brett's The Mitten. Get her book and read it to your kiddos, then do the simple and fun activity that Classroom Freebies put together for us!

Mad Scientist Potions

Lifelong learning: What Does Long Hair Have to Do with Homeschool?

What does this have to do with homeschooling?
please read on...

My Hair

If you jump over to my instagram, you will catch a glimpse of a common theme developing... Hair.

A few days ago I stumbled upon Missy Sue Blog and fell in love with her tutorials. All these years I have dreamed of being able to create stunning hair styles, but never thought I could figure them out on my own.

I didn't. 
Missy Sue did all the hard work for me.

Every day I have been choosing "tomorrow's hair style". I am having a ball!

What does this have to do with homeschooling?

The theme for this year has been "falling in love of learning"... for me. 

I discovered that I needed to become excited about a few things to model the modern truth: 
You can really learn almost anything on YouTube.

So far I have taught myself (and a few sons) how to knit and now how to style long hair.

                     Model Learning:

It is so important that we model learning for our kids. 

Find something to be excited about, something challenging... and then go find some YouTube videos, books, magazines, or a tutor and learn.
  • Learn a new skill for the challenge and joy of it.
  • Share your enthusiasm with your kids.
  • Model perseverance.
  • Don't be afraid to fail, but never quit!

What are you excited to learn about? Start today!

21 Thanksgiving Math Activities for Kindergarten

 I am super excited about this next activity pack!

21 Thanksgiving Math Activities for you pre-K- First graders.

While I wrote it with Kindergarteners in mind, it would be fun for your little ones:).

This activity pack is loaded with fun coloring and math activities for your little ones. I loved holiday and themed pages because it seems even my older kids want to use them. It must be the "holiday buzz"!

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Homeschooling and Life: Perspective

I'm sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee next to my youngest son.

It's raining outside. Really raining. 

We flipped the sofa around so we could enjoy the stunning fall view out of our window (in the picture), and it got me thinking about perspective.

Life gets crazy. 
  • Toddlers find nail polish and paint the floor.
  • Teenagers spend all day on social media and then need help on an essay late at night.
  • Coworkers try to undermine each other.
  • The paycheck runs out before the next payday.
  • The power goes out and nothing in my agenda was able to be accomplished.
  • Etcetera 


They can all become dark, dreary, and dismal at times, can't they?

When they do, flip the "sofa" around.

I'm a Jesus believing, faith walking, prayer warrior. Yet, I can still get down right despondent, disturbed, and depressed (Dr. Seuss). I have to make small tweaks to my day to improve my outlook.

Suggestions? These will sound simplistic, but they have worked for me this week:
  • Rainy and dark: flip the sofa around and look out the window.
  • Teenager misused his time: sat next to him and helped him on his essay, hugged him tight, and removed his phone from his hand the next day. 
  • Paycheck runs out before payday (we really try to stick to our budget): made "depression meal" of Bush beans and hotdogs. Kids loved it.
  • Power outage: great day! We went for a walk and enjoyed the beautiful place we currently lived and discovered:
                          We are going to identify each next week (homeschool impromptu lessons)
  • Co-worker drama: prayed, really prayed (have you seen War Room?). God stepped in and saved the day.
Is homeschool not working?
Change your perspective:

  • Take the kids outside. find something cool and then go learn about it together.
  • Try notebooking
  • Go to the library and find books related to whatever you are studying in history and science. Marinate in the topics.
  • Go to discovery education or YouTube and find videos about whatever you are learning. (You'll need to pre-screen them).
  • Put the kids in charge of school for a day. They teach you!
  • Cook a meal or dessert together to bless another family.
  • Participate in a community event.
  • Join a 5k run with the kids and train together.
  • Visit you nearest museum.
  • Go to the park, farms, beaches, caves, mountains, deserts, or prairies near you.
  • give your kids dry erase markers and do "school" on the mirrors or windows.
  • Tape their papers under their chairs and have them work lying on their backs.
We get into ruts. So do our kids.
Changing our perspective is sometimes all it take to bounce to a better place!

Computer Safety and Kids

Dear mom,

I would like to plead with you to safeguard your children while they are on the computer.
They need an escape plan.
What happens WHEN something that your family deems unacceptable pops up in front of their eyes?

In the old days, we would Stop, Drop, and Roll to put out a fire... remember?

Teach your kids that there is junk out there. No matter how hard you try, it will eventually sneak into your home.

  1.  STOP: When the junk pops up. Stop! Close the laptop, click off the screen, turn off the computer.
  2. DROP: Drop what they are doing, immediately.
  3. ROLL: Roll out of their chair and come find you and tell you what happened.

Unfortunately, I write this because one of my kids got attacked yesterday.
They were working on an online math site and accidentally closed the window.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

When they attempted to find the page again, they were accosted by a grotesque naked woman.

I knew the moment he said, "Mom, can I talk to you alone?" that something was wrong.

Through tears he shared what happened.

So what did I do? How are we handling this?

I hugged him and prayed over him.
I asked him if his eyes lingered. He said NO and that he wanted to throw up.
I assured him he did nothing wrong.
As a christian, it is important to me that he understood that he did not sin.
We prayed again, then we developed a defense plan.

It is not always enough to simply ask the Lord to take the image away, we need to replace the thought with something good.

We found a picture of something that he found lovely.
In his case, it was a mature buck standing in a wheat field.

He has a plan for when the enemy will attack his thoughts: first, he will pray and begin singing a worship song or reciting a memory verse. If the images taunt his mind, he will pull out the deer and focus on some aspect of the picture intensely and talk about it with the Lord... "Look at the way the light reflects off his coat, Lord. He is truly a magnificent creature. Your creation is amazing and wonderful".

We then put on worship music and started singing, and then got to work outside pulling weeds. My heart is so grieved for him, and yet I trust the Lord will get him through!

Teach your kids what to do.
It is going to happen. Terrible, I know but true. Equip them with the skills needed to get out alive.

Other great resources:
10 Ways to Immunize Kids from Pornagraphy
Covenant Eyes: Computer Software

I would love to hear from you. What have you done to prepare your kids?

Homeschooling 101: A Veteran Homeschooler's Guide to Homes

46 Freezer Meals: Your Ticket to Sanity on those Crazy Days!

46 Freezer Meals

I have to share a terrific resource I stumbled upon with you today.

freezer meals OAMC collage
Natalie at A Turtles Life for Me shared how she spent around $100 and was able to freeze 46 meals for her family! I am inspired!

Inspired by the book, Dinner's in the Freezer, Don't Panic Natalie shares how she shops, prepares, and freezes "perfect sized" meals for her family. This ones a must read!!

I want this cookbook! Cooking in bulk is a necessity for me. We are busy, and I hate not knowing what is for dinner before breakfast. There is a sinister cloud that hangs over my head all day if I am not prepared for dinner!

I may be crazy, but I prefer to have it together. My hungry boys ask me all day long what the next meal will be. They have come to depend upon my expert cooking skills. (Laugh with me here).

I have put in my request for the her favorite cookbook, Don't Panic-Dinner's in the Freezer. Since I and budget conscious, I request most books from our local library first, then buy them if I know they are good fits for me. I am pretty sure that I want to add this one to my collection, but I am picky about cookbooks.

As a busy homeschooler, having a few meals ready to go in your freezer may be a life saver. It has saved me more than once a week for years now!


Science: Learning About Cells-Mitosis

We stumbled into a unit on cells this week.
Don't you love the freedom of homeschooling?

We happened to be able to gain access to a microscope, some plant cell slides, and a science teacher all at the same time... excitement was born!

While all I could say was, "That slide looks neat," the teacher was able to share his love for cell division with the boys. In five minutes, the boys transformed from boys trying to use a microscope, to biologists trying to identify the different stages of cell division. 

God's creation is truly amazing!

Here's how I helped fuel the flames of excitement:
First: We watched a few videos on cell division:
We loved Crash Course: Mitosis (He a fast talker, but does great overviews!)

Although these video's are targeting high schoolers, my boys caught the main ideas without a hitch!

Then I stayed up waaay too late creating a Cell Cycle Flip Book kit for each son (for both plant and animal cells).

The boys have been busy today coloring, cutting, arranging and flipping about cells.
It's been a fun and productive morning! 
I posted my cell flip book kit for anyone to grab a copy just a while ago. 

***Be the first to comment on this post AND send me an email saying "I would love a Cell Flip Book for my Kids" and I will email you a free copy!