Writing: More than ABC’s and Penmanship ABW009


Writing is so much more than ABC’s, penmanship, and the five-paragraph essay.

The goal of teaching writing is to equip our kids to know their audience and to communicate clearly on paper. Sounds easy right?


Writing begins long before holding a pencil and learning the proper structure of a “good sentence”.

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Writing is the art of communicating on paper.

It is also one of the homeschooling arena’s that cause some parent to break into a cold sweat.


If we focus on the goals of knowing our audience and communicating clearly, we can easily guide our kids to become proficient writers. It’s never about curriculum. It’s always about audience and communication.

Writing doesn’t have to only be paragraphs and essays. Lists, poems, descriptions, directions, scavenger hunts, menus, comic books… well, the opportunities are endless.


In this mega bundle:  Dozens and Dozens of Writing Printables Included:

  • Writing with Kids including 44 writing prompts to get them started
  • Sight words: Spring
  • Sight words Fall
  • Sight words Summer
  • Sight words: Winter
  • Mentor Sentences
  • Movie Response: Turn any Video into a learning experience
  • Homeschool Journal pages {For mom}
  • Letters to self
  • Idioms, idioms, idioms
  • Writing Rubric: The Key to grading writing
  • MLA” citation, plagiarism, and paraphrasing

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