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Help! I can’t do it all!!

You’re not alone.


Organizational Skills are Essential

scheduling, planning, and organization.

Teaching your kids to organize their day and to plan toward accomplishing goals- pays off in the end.

Imagine the confidence of a child who has been trained to look at an overwhelming project and to manage the work in manageable pieces. That can be your child.


Mama, organization begins with you.

Your kids need to see you model what organization looks like.


If you’re like me, you might panic at the idea that you need to teach them how to get their day in order. I am not naturally organized either, but I practice all the time- and you can too… just make sure the kids know you’re practicing.


We want to model that learning applies to ever are of our lives, even our chaos.


In this mega bundle, you will get access to my best organizational resources.



  • Organization for Kids: “My to do list” and calendar project (retail $3.00)
  • Homeschool Guide for Real Families eBook (retail $12.95)
  • Mom’s Homeschool Notebook Set-up Plan {Printable: for Parents}
  • Homeschool Goals {Printable: for Parents}
  • Homeschool Confidence {Printable: for Parents}
  • Homeschool Like a Professional {Printable: for Parents}
  • Homeschooling with Babies and Toddlers {Printable: for Parents}
  • Escape Plan: What Kids should do when they encounter junk on the internet {Printable: for Parents}


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If you’re saying, “Wait! My house is a disaster!”

Then you may want to peek at my favorite organization class.

Sarah Mueller’s Step by Step Decluttering Class is my top pick to get you set on the right path.

Step by Step Decluttering {Affiliate link}


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