Fine Motor Skills: Winter



Christmas is that wonderful time of year that delights our souls, causes us to wonder and distracts the daylights out of our students. The best way to grab their attention during Christmas and the whole holiday season is to cheat. Nestle your learning activities within Christmas themed activities. Kids will love the Christmas graphics and exercises and you will love that you can push forward and check off the box “I taught my kids today” with a big smile. Winter: Christmas: 38 Fine Motor Skills Activities Fine Motor Skills: cutting, lacing, tracing, and sorting Fine tune fine motor skills Scissor skills: master using scissors These 38 Activities are all Winter and Christmas Fine Motor Activities Include Scissor Skills-Puzzle Task Cards reindeer snowman hot cocoa igloo snow angels snuggles elf feet and hat snowman bundle up reindeer snowman shovel snow bundle up and more Christmas Quilt Christmas: Lacing Cards Reindeer 1 Reindeer 2 Gingerbread house Snowman Make a Clock with fold-able flaps: easy to cut and assemble! Christmas: Santa’s Beard Christmas: Lights! Lights! Lights! Christmas: TracingTime Task cards Sorting and Mazes


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