Cooking Camp: Teaching Kids to Cook


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Teaching kids to cook is an invaluable life skill… but it takes time and commitment. With Cooking Camp 1, you will have everything you need to coach and train your kids to become “experts of their meal” over time. Cooking takes practice. There is no way around that. These are family loved recipes shared from my home to yours.

Teach your kids to cook, or simply glean some tried and proved recipes for yourself!

Cooking Camp 1

Children learn one cooking skill and then practice weekly until it is mastered. Once they master a skill, they graduate to the next skill and again practice it weekly until mastered.

Children master food safety, knife skills, shopping, and meal preparation for 6 meals.
Chicken wraps, shepherd’s pie, chicken divan, sweet potato sloppy joes, baked taquitos, and gluten free pizza. These are current family favorites in our home.

Table of Contents:
Suiting up
Name Tags
Setting the Table
Food Safety
Knife Skills- Foldable
Knife Skills- Flip cards
Knife Skills Certificate
Kitchen Measures Chart
Recipes: Includes recipe, shopping list, kitchen jobs, and schedule
Chicken wraps
Shepherd’s Pie
Cooking staples: potatoes, sweet potatoes, chicken
Chicken Divan
Sweet Potato Sloppy Joes
Baked Taquitos
Gluten-free Pizza

Cooking Camp: Thanksgiving Treats
Food Safety- Booklet
Suit up: Name Tags
Kitchen Conversion Chart
How to Measure Booklet
6 Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes
Pilgrim hats
Turkey feather pretzels
Turkey Pops
Oreo Turkeys
Acorn Cookies
Sweet and Salty Trail Mix
6 More Thanksgiving Recipes
Chai Thumbprints
Carrot cake (gluten free)
Pumpkin eclairs
Chocolate bananas
Turkey puddings
Apple Turkey
Presentation booklet
Cookie Boxes
Thanksgiving Cookie bag Tags


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