Behavior Star Chart


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Each day Kids complete task without whining, complaining, fighting- they color a star.

Each star earns them rewards: screen time, toy time, friend time, or anything that they “WANT”.

The first week:

  • Decide which two rewards they get to earn (Screen time, bedtime show, Lego time, etc…)
  • Tell them starting tomorrow, those things are no longer free…
  • They need to buy them with stars.


Explain how they earn a star.


Make rewards Simple:

5 Stars today = ___________ privilege tomorrow (like screen time)

Be drill Seargent strong. No stars= no privilege. Period. Only works if you never give in…


Weekly stars= bigger rewards= fun outings


Stay consistent for at least 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks, change one or two things on the chart.



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