Life Skills: Investing in Capabilities! ABW006


Children need a full life skills toolbelt.


Manners, chores, budgeting, cooking and basic skills.

Some would say Life Skills should not be considered homeschool “subjects”.

Parents like us agree. Right?

Life skills are more than just “subjects to teach”. They are part of the firm foundation we build into our children’s lives.

Teaching your kids to basic life skills truly sets them up for success.


In this mega bundle, you will get access to my best selling life skills resources, plus a handy parent reference sheet.


Dozens and Dozens of Printables Included:

Manners for Kids

Text Wars: Game to teach the dangers of Texting and Driving

Nap-time Game

Cooking Camp Bundle: Teaching Kids to Cook (Bestseller)

Budgeting 101 (Bestseller)

Clocks” Learning to tell time

I know my phone number: foldable

Fine Motor Skills Development

Good Gossip

Star Chart

{FREE} Life Skills Printable


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