Math and History

Why do we teach math?  (Scroll down for History Resources!)

Math is everywhere!
Whether your child will grow up to be a mechanical engineer or a stay at home mom, kids need to learn their math facts.

Basic Math Skills necessary for life:

  • adding/subtracting
  • multiplying/dividing
  • measuring to the nearest 32nd of an inch, or millimeter (English and metrics)
  • Basic geometry: shapes and solid figures (triangle verses a cone)
  • finding area and perimeter.
My Opinion:
God is a mathematician!
Anything that is important to Him is important to us and therefore worthy to teach to our children.

Why do we teach history and geography?

History repeats itself!
We want to equip our kids to make wise choices based on history.

By studying cultures, events, and people of the past we can teach our children to pattern their lives, "based on history".

History gives us an endless supply of examples of wise and stupid decisions of people that have walked this world before us. Let's teach our children to look for examples in the lives of those who have gone before us.

Short List of History Subjects:
  • Biblical History
  • Archaeology
  • Ancient Civilizations (They were brilliant!!)
  • Medieval History
  • Renaissance
  • Dark Ages
  • Colonial America
  • Civil War
  • American Revolution
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Cold War
  • World War I and II
  • Native American History
  • Westward expansion
  • Geography! This world is a fascinating place!
  • and more, much more

Click on the following links for History Resources:

Teaching geography with postcards

Building an Egyptian Shaduf (Projects do not have to be fancy!)

Create an archaeology dig in your yard

Learning US Presidents

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My Opinion:
God is the ultimate historian! Read your Bible with your children and research history mentioned.

There is so much to learn about God and the character of a follower of Christ wrapped up within the subject of history. You could spend an entire life time studying any one area of history.

When exposing your children to important historical events, be prepared to pause and dive deeper into an area of interest!

Anything that is important to God is important to us and therefore worthy to teach to our children.

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