21 Thanksgiving Math Activities for Little Ones

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 I am super excited about this next activity pack!
21 Thanksgiving Math Activities for you pre-K- First graders.
While I wrote it with Kindergarteners in mind, it would be fun for your little ones:).

This activity pack is loaded with fun coloring and math activities for your little ones. I loved holiday and themed pages because it seems even my older kids want to use them. It must be the "holiday buzz"!

You can click on the links to the right to view any of my learning packs, or simply click here.

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  1. Hi, Bekki! Your Math worksheets look adorable. We would have loved these when my daughter was younger. What a great resource for other mothers. Keep up the awesome work. Lisa is wonderful, isn't she? What a blessing that woman is. Happy to meet you through the homeschool Linkup.
    Have a great rest of the week and weekend ahead!

    1. Thanks!! I am loving making all kinds of activity lacks for my kids and others as well. My brain loves this stuff. Lisa is amazing!!!

    2. Afterthought... I do have a packet for older kids as well. This one uses Divisibility rules:)

    3. Anything for decimals and percents? :) Since you are throwing things out there. Hee hee. My daughter has a fairly intense math class right now so anything extra is kind of a joke, but I have been saving some thing for the summer (isn't she lucky?). I've been enjoying creating the printables, too - aren't they fun? It is my hobby project when I'm not busy working for the pets, Stanley & Katrina. They don't leave me with much extra time. So nice to meet you, Bekki!

    4. I am drafting a bunch of packets right now... I will create decimals and percents after the new year I think. Follow the link I gave you to my store and follow me, that way you will receive an email ads I create them.
      My extra time is like yours... Between bedtime and wake time.
      I have 5 boys, I completely understand "no time!"


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