Frustrated Homeschoolers

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I bump into home-school moms all the time who are frustrated.
Are you one of them?

These moms complain about not being able to do it all. I should just stop right here. Why is it that we believe that we should be able to do it all? Whose standards are we living by anyway?

I think its just in our nature to compare ourselves to others. We compare our kids, our homes, our families, our eating habits, our debt, our sins, our everything, don't we?

As a veteran homeschooler, I need to encourage you to stop comparing. Stop striving. Stop trying to "do it all".

I look nothing like that picture of Wonder Woman, yet I find myself trying to be just like her when I let my guard down.

  • Stop for a second and snuggle with your kids. 
  • Grab a good book, a cozy blanket, and a cup of hot chocolate (or something else they love) and read to your kids.
  • Go to the store and buy them some special stationary (or borrow some stencils and make their own) and have them write a letter to Grandma or a Soldier over seas.
  •  Make a batch of cookies and "divide them" into thirds. Keep one third and give the other 2/3 away.
  • Visit your nearest museum and ask the elderly volunteer to give you a tour.

You've loved on your kids and accomplished lessons in love, literature, art, writing, fellowship, charity, math, chemistry, and history.

You are perfectly suited to teach your children. You will not be the perfect yet, your kids have an amazing opportunity to learn from you.

Just this morning I was sitting in between two of my boys as they worked on math lessons. My little guy was leaning against my arm as he worked out his problems and I found myself kissing the top of his little head. I sat there thinking, "I would miss this if he were in regular school."

Sure, there are other days that the same child will disassemble every mechanical device in the house in the two minutes it takes me to explain division to his older brother, but this morning was peaceful.

Forget trying to do it all.
 Chose a dirtier house over a spotless house if it means the home is happier.
Choose fewer math problems and concentrate on mastery rather than endurance.
Choose to hug and encourage rather than bark and complain.
Chose to accomplish less, but to do it well over scheduling a multitude of tasks that can only be completed rather than absorbed.

You can do this homeschool thing.
Laugh a lot.
Love your kids!

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  1. Great thoughts! I hear this all the time too. I actually teach seminars on organizing homeschool groups. It's another way we don't have to "do it all". If you feel strongly that your child needs more science than you can teach, organize a science club and get the help of other moms. Sometimes we take turns teaching (much more manageable if you only have to teach once a month or less), or we pool our money and hire a teacher for our group. I also think that many moms don't realize how much time is wasted in school. Those kids aren't learning for 6 hours. They are talking and walking around and waiting on each other to finish so the whole group can move forward. I can do a full day's worth of learning with my kids, at home, in about 2 hours. And it's more fun!

  2. I agree Amy!
    I taught in a classroom for 3 years before come home to my kitchen table and was amazed how much dead time there was in a classroom and school year. Now, I coach others on homeschooling with toddlers and babies under foot as well as teaching about homeschooling multiple grades at simultaneously, so like you I am exposed to frustrated homeschoolers. I have such a heart for the new and frustrated homeschool mom. It sounds like you do too!
    I would love to attend one of your seminars!

  3. As a home school workshop leader, I often hear about frustration. Many of the newbies think they can't teach reading. I always tell them, " If you can read, you can teach your child to read. With the right tools, and a little information, it is very easy."

    1. I agree completely! I love the journey of finding what makes my kids tick and customizing their learning.
      I think if we approach teaching as more of a learning together experience, the frustration is greatly minimized.


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