Preschool Homeschool Schedule Easy as 1,2,3

Don't laugh.
It is possible to have a successful preschool homeschool schedule.

First and Foremost.
Preschoolers grow up really, really, really quickly. Those hugs and kisses they offer so frequently are numbered. There will be a day that you are chasing them down, so, listen carefully...

Hug and kiss your preschoolers a lot! Tell them you love them.

Take a few days to assess your life. Do you already have a schedule and daily routine or are you like me when I had my second child, snickering behind my back at the suggestion that a preschooler can be scheduled (and love it!).
Great. You are ready!

For the sake of the desperate, I am going to assume you are new to homeschooling and have a very busy, yet delightful preschooler running around as you are trying to "school" a young student (somewhere between K-3). This delightful little munchkin does not want to sit and wait for school to be done for their fun to begin...

If you do not have it built in to your day already, spend the next week or two establishing a rhythm to your children's day. The fact that it near the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year Season can Absolutely work in your favor.

The idea here is to create a rinse and repeat schedule. Here's kinda what I did with my boys. There is no such thing as "one size fits all", so use this as a guideline to get you started.

Sample Rinse Repeat Schedule
  • wake
  • clean room (I had my boys make beds and get dressed, even if I was helping them every step of the way)
  • eat breakfast
  • snuggle and read followed by calendar time (This is a public school term, but what I did was count up to the day of the month, review days of the weeks and months of the year, talked about the weather and dress a cute bear appropriately while older kids charted weather onto a graph, and sang songs together)
  • table activity (This was where I always did cut and paste activities with the little ones while the older kids worked on things like handwriting and copy-work)
  • snack
  • outside play (I had all of my kids play for a while, then I would pull my older kids off to the side and start them on their next lesson)
  • Help mommy make lunch
  • lunch
  • naptime/quiettime (This is where I did "harder" work with my older students)
  • Art/ errands
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