7 Thanksgiving Science Experiments

15 days of Thanksgiving Homeschooling ideas:

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Kids love science experiments. Me, not so much. I do not know what my problem with science activities is, but I tend to leave them for the end and then run out of time. Thanksgiving week is a perfect time to have a science experiement bonanza! Why not? Why only 7? That's all I can even think about tackling during a holiday week. I am hoping to get to at least 2:)

Drum roll once again...
My Top 7 List of "Kid Friendly and Mother Approved" Science Experiments.

Solid, Liquid Gas Balloons
I am thrilled to have found Ms. Liz's site and am anxious to do this one with my boys! What a fun way to demonstrate the properties of solids, liquids, and gases!

The Domino Effect

I have to admit, my boys need very little motivation to set up a fantastic domino display. I guess I never thought about the science behind this fun activity. Jameson's lab does a great job of helping us set our kids up for science and fun!

What's That Cloud?

I love this one! While I have always loved saying big-hard to pronounce words, like cumulonimbus, I never could keep the clouds straight. Smmart Ideas has a brilliant way to teach your kiddo's (and mine) how to identify the various types of clouds... Make a cloud categorize. Brilliant. Follow the link for the directions.

Make your own Electromagnet

I totally remember making one of these in the 3rd or 4th grade! I of course, could not remember how it was done, so I am so thankful for The Organized Classroom Blog for coming to my rescue. Follow the link for step by step instructions. Be sure to use the cute mini book! 

Make Music with Water
make music with water

This one from Prekinders speaks for itself. What does it say? Fun!

Are Mittens Warm?

This one is more up my alley because it has a literature connection. I love Jan Brett's The Mitten. Get her book and read it to your kiddos, then do the simple and fun activity that Classroom Freebies put together for us!

Mad Scientist Potions
mad science 8 Recipes for Disaster 
I stumbled upon this one at Babble. Too fun! With a little dry ice, you will look like a scientific genius!

Have Scienc-y Fun this Thanksgiving!

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