What to Do With a Grumpy 6 Year Old?

So child #5 woke up beyond grumpy today. I mean G.R.U.M.P.Y! He was melting down at every turn. I was inspired by an article I read in this months No Greater Joy Magazine, so I did an experiment.

I Walked him into the bathroom and cleaned the toilet with him. Then I removed the lid off the tank and told him to study how it worked so he could explain it to me later.

You would have thought I just gave him an "E" ticket from Disneyland.
Yes, young ones, you used to have to purchase an e ticket to ride the "cool" rides at Disneyland.

Anyway, 2 hours later I found myself in the middle of a recording session helping child #5 film all he learned so he could share it with the world. LOL.

I have a couple of goodies for you today.
First, here's our famous Toilet Video on You Tube.

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Trust me, your kids will love this one!


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